A day out in LA


Last week my lovely friend Rachael from http://www.rachaelarlene.com and I went out to dinner to Jon & Vinny’s for pizza, pasta and ice cream and then explored and took pictures along melrose. I have my outfit linked on my instagram!

So happy to have a blogger friend like Rachael!

Lots of Love,

Alexandra xx

My favourite HRH Privé pieces



I have been a long time fan of Alex from HRH for a long time and I 100% completely blame her for my obsession for cute, quality jewelry. A couple of years ago I never really cared about jewelry, of course I had the odd ring and necklace that I would wear until they fell apart (or turn my neck/fingers green-ew!) and then move onto the next thing. When I discovered Alex I fell in love with not only her hilarious vlogs but also her jewelry line. I adored the way the she layered and combined somewhat simple pieces with a casual outfit and she instantly looked put together. When she launched her new Privé line featuring five high quality rings I knew I had to invest. While I picked up most of the line and love them all, I thought I would share my two must-have pieces. Pictured above I am wearing the open heart pill ring in Gold with ruby crystal, and the single open heart ring in Gold with AB crystal*.

I tend to wear the open heart ruby pill ring on my first or middle finger and find it fits well on both due to the opening in the middle of the ring. The single open heart ring I tend to wear as a midi ring and also as a dainty little pinky ring. My favourite feature about both rings is that both are open rings meaning neither are a complete round band, thusly making them pair well together despite the different crystals and styles.

So excited to have these added to my collection and cant wait for more of Alex’s creations!

Do you own any HRH jewelry?

Lots of love,

Alexandra xx

*this ring was given to me by my boyfriend for my birthday, lucky gal I am!